Tips To Avoid Accidental & Undesirable Purchases from Mobile

Is that your friend or someone has mistakenly clicked on the purchasing app in Google play store? What will happen now? Is that user unaware of unknowing deductions? What will you do now? A user may find it interesting to know that now they can stop as well as avoid undesirable purchases over on their Smartphone. Usually, when a customer goes on playing a game or any work, unwantedly an advertisement gets clicked or some application pops up and users unintentionally click it which leads to difficulty.

For such assistance, a user can follow these simple tips to keep themselves away from accidental purchases. It will just keep the customers aware of the things which should not be done even by mistake:

Lock after user talk:

Multiple applications are there which just brings anything on your phone. So, in order to safeguard from accidental purchases, a user must keep the system locked. As the customer converses on it, just lock it at the moment. It simply won’t let the user use it unwontedly till the lock opens.

Secure the online store:

If a user shares the phone with friends or family then it is better to keep a lock on the online store. Generally, when the phone is in our hands, we are aware of it, however, others in fun click on the app to purchase. As a result, it is better than without wasting the time, just secure the online store. Download the app lock and protect it with a password.

Adding a parental lock:

When users hand over the mobile to the kids, they usually just go on searching for one or the other thing on the phone. They make every possible effort to screw with it. So, it is better to have a parental lock on the applications. Customers will secure the phone from undesirable purchases.

Purchase lock to Google store:

Another amazing way is to keep a lock or lock google app storecan say an alert for purchase app. The user may be deeming what it can be? How is it possible? Here is the way to perform it:

  • In the Google play store, press menu key.
  • On the three dots, click on settings option.
  • Scroll down to the option of password
  • Tap on it to select the option,
  • Then asking your password, either enter it or use Google password
  • Now asking for the password, it will ask about money to purchase
  • It will save the settings

These are few methods which will let the user enjoy the usage of phone and away from an unwanted loss. Also, to know more about the ways to stay away, call on Tech Support Phone Number +1-(8OO) 674-2896 and we will make every possible effort to secure your phone, Email id or Google play store.

Subsequently, keep on using the applications but keep yourself away from all the unwanted apps. But, it doesn’t mean that user cannot use apps. Whenever a customer requires, just tap on the lock and enjoy the provided services whenever and everywhere. So, it is the time to put a lock and secure from unwanted purchasing via your mobile or computer.

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