Difference between Gmail Chat & Google Hangouts

Usually, it happens when the new or updated features come in, new application, software unveils of the similar application, and users run towards it leaving behind the last one. Or it even happens that they cling to the same one till it gets stopped by the service provider only. Knowing about the fact that Gmail is one of the most popular service providers helps in sending messages quickly has changed some of the chat features. Continue reading “Difference between Gmail Chat & Google Hangouts”

Tips To Avoid Accidental & Undesirable Purchases from Mobile

Is that your friend or someone has mistakenly clicked on the purchasing app in Google play store? What will happen now? Is that user unaware of unknowing deductions? What will you do now? A user may find it interesting to know that now they can stop as well as avoid undesirable purchases over on their Smartphone. Usually, when a customer goes on playing a game or any work, unwantedly ¬†an advertisement gets clicked or some application pops up and users unintentionally click it which leads to difficulty. Continue reading “Tips To Avoid Accidental & Undesirable Purchases from Mobile”