Difference between Gmail Chat & Google Hangouts

Usually, it happens when the new or updated features come in, new application, software unveils of the similar application, and users run towards it leaving behind the last one. Or it even happens that they cling to the same one till it gets stopped by the service provider only. Knowing about the fact that Gmail is one of the most popular service providers helps in sending messages quickly has changed some of the chat features.

Earlier there was a chat feature of Gmail chat holding the great popularity and being used by every individual. But there were many lapses in that chat system. Comparing the chat system of Gmail chat and Google hangout, some users may not be aware of them. Here are the clear differences for all the customers to know about the superior one:


  • Gmail chat was an earlier feature of Gmail which was used by numbers of people whereas Google Hangout is a new communication way unveiled for users.
  • In the Gmail chat, it was simple to send messages plus there was an option of group chat for people but only in the Gmail nevertheless in hangout users can have a group chat in another hangout as well.
  • With the proper hardware feature, the chats were saved and can be archived also but on the contrary, the hangout can be saved only or checked through the mailing option.
  • Earlier the photos were not allowed to be sent in Gmail chat whereas a user can send images, links in Google hangout.
  • Users can simply use the feature of video calling in the Google hangouts while this option is not available in Gmail chat.
  • The chat availability was only in the Gmail whereas hangout can be used in Google, Google+ as well as in Chrome Extension.
  • The user can stop the chat in Gmail directly whereas in the hangout, the chat history can be switched off immediately by the user.
  • While the time of the chat, the history and location cannot be shared as the feature was not there present, but in the Google hangout, the user can share the location of chat.
  • In Google hangout, if a user does not like the new chat feature can switch back to the old feature of hangout which is easy to use.

These are some of the differences present in the Google chat and Hangout which makes them different. For any other assistance also, users can call on Gmail customer care number from where customers can get 24*7 help. The Gmail help is accessible for all the users. Even whatever query users are having, we will quickly sort it out. There is nothing to think upon as our expert team is always there to make our users contented with our service. Accordingly, don’t think much and enjoy services.

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