Some Great Gmail Shortcuts Through Keyboard

Is that users are aware of all the shortcuts with the computer? Are users taking the advantage of quick and easy shortcuts which makes the task easy? There are multiple shortcuts for a single option in order to access the feature simply and complete the work. Some of the customers might not be alert of which all are there and how to use them? Also, there are only few shortcuts which almost all users use in spite of the fact that for every action, there is a shortcut. If more knowledge is required, Gmail service is even there for the customers.

Gmail shortcut

Some of the shortcuts which user can use are:

  1. Open message: Up and down arrow keys can be used for opening a message in Gmail. A thin, blue vertical line will be shown on the left edge in inbox as user hit the arrow key. After searching, hit enter to open the message.
  2. Navigate a conversation: While moving in between the messages, in order to move to the next message, user must click on N key and P for the previous message. Additionally, for collapse or expanding, select the Enter key.
  • Composing a message: To send an email, rather than moving to compose option, enable the shortcut of key C to open the compose box directly. Shift + C is the option to open in a new window and K to compose in new tab.
  1. Return or refresh to inbox: In order to refresh or return to the inbox, customers have to enable the setting of hitting key U for that.
  2. Archive or trash: For a selected message, enable from settings to hit the # key to move items in the trash. For archiving the message, select the E key.
  3. Begin conversation: To start a conversation while reading a message can be done by enabling S key. Once it is opened, a user can start the conversation in Gmail.
  • Forward, Reply or Reply all: Sometimes the user has to move and select multiple users to send message to. It becomes difficult at urgent work. For such case, to reply a mail, select the R key and A to reply to all in the messages. To forward a message, enable the F key for the same.
  • Moving to commands: To move to certain commands, enable these options such as G + A for to all mails, G + I to go to inbox, G + D to move to drafts, and G + T to move to sent emails.
  1. For asterisk commands: To use the asterisk options, *+A is to select all mail, *+U to select unread mail.

These are some of the greatest shortcuts which one can enable in the gmail for super-fast work. For nay assistance, Gmail Phone number (8OO) 674-2896 is there through which gmail customer care will help the users. Whatever and wherever the user needs assistance, the team is there to help. We are specially here to sort such issues in between 24*7.

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