How to configure Gmail (8OO) 674-2896?

Gmail Configuration Settings

Accessing the Gmail in Outlook, Apple, iPhone or Mac, everywhere you do, the settings are ought to be done. Though Gmail is one, however usage in every gizmo is distinct. To use it in anyway, user has to put up the configuration setting before it in order to run it appropriately. Consumer has to be alert as if the settings will not be done properly, there will be an issue which will hinder all the time.

Subsequently, to configure the Gmail settings at different platforms, here are the ways:

Gmail through IMAP: By accessing the Gmail by the mode of IMAP allows users to access all the files and folders. Follow these steps to configure Gmail via IMAP:Gmail Imap setting

  1. From the Gmail navigation bar, choose the Settings.
  2. Move to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  3. Under IMAP access, make it sure that IMAP is enabled.
  4. Save the changes.  Make this point clear that the apps which are not secure should not be accessed much.

Gmail via POP: Through POP one has to enable the POP settings from the Gmail navigation bar. Also, the Gmail mails can be opened, can be sent in trash, or can remain unread. The same way Gmail emails can be handled in the POP. Once the settings have been done by the user, it will be easy to

Access Gmail by Eudora: With the help of IMAP, Gmail can be accessed in Eudora under windows by following these ways:

  1. In Eudora, select the Personalities from Tools.
  2. By right clicking over on the personalities window, select the New option.
  3.  For advanced account setup, choose the skip directly.
  4. Under the personality name, type Gmail and your real name.
  5. In the given options of email address, user name, fill the
  6. Then under the Secure Sockets, keep it a point that required, Alternate Port is selected while sending.
  7. Moving towards Incoming Mail tab, under Server, type the address with
  8. Now make a point that under Configuration, IMAP is selected.
  9. Then enter your Gmail username and password.

Using IMAP, accessing Gmail in iPhone: For using the Gmail in iPhone, here are some of the settings to be done to enjoy its services:

  1. Enable the IMAP in the Gmail.
  2. On the iPhone home screen, tap on the Settings.
  3. Move to calendars, contacts, mail etc.
  4. Under the Account option, tap on Add Account.
  5. Now select the Google Mail. Now put up your name, passwords as well as Gmail address which one wants to keep.
  6. Under the Description, type the “Gmail” and then Next.
  7. Then just save it and move to Home button in order to check the usage of it.

Gmail in Outlook using IMAP: Follow these steps to setup the Gmail in Outlook:

  1. In the Outlook, select the FILE.
  2. Move to the Info category.
  3. Over the option of Account Information, click on Add Account.
  4. Under the option of Name: fill in the name which a user wants to be get displayed while sending a mail.
  5. Then moving to other options, put up the email address, password, retype password for the Gmail account.
  6. Then click on the Next button.
  7. Check the Change account settings.
  8. Click on Next option.
  9. Similarly now in the Outlook as well, to access the Gmail, finish the settings.
  10. In the Test Account Settings window, select on the Close option.

Push Gmail on the Windows Phone: Given are the configuration settings to be done on the Windows phone:

  1. On the Windows Mobile device, launch ActiveSync.
  2. To sync with it, tap on the set up your device.
  3. Under the server address, enter
  4. Make sure that encrypted connection is checked.
  5. Following to it, put up your email address, username and password.
  6. Under domain, enter word Google.
  7. Keep it ensured that E-mail is checked.
  8. As in now, user can check calendar, contact, email anything in the Gmail.
  9. Now tap over on the Finish option.

In the same manner as others, the Gmail configuration setting has been done in Outlook. Usage of Gmail can be done in any browser and in any gadget. You can explore your mails, archives, deleted mails, spam, trash and much more.

Before using the Gmail, make sure you have done all the settings. If any problem comes in between, user can directly contact Gmail support team who is there always to guide the users. We are available 24*7 for the consumers and wherever they want to configure the settings of Gmail, we will assist in the same.

Not only on the desktop screen, whereas one can even do it on the mobile phone, on the Smartphone and can have the service of Gmail over it as well.

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