How to recover a hacked or hijacked Gmail account(8OO) 674-2896

If there’s unfamiliar or unknown activity on your Gmail account, someone else might be using your Gmail account without your permission. You should use the info below to help spot suspicious email account activity, get back into your Gmail account, and make it safer.Call (800) 674-2896 for Gmail customer service

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Step 1: Get back into your Gmail account

Go to the Gmail account recovery page, and answer the recovery questions as best you can.

Use the page for Gmail account recovery if:

  • Someone changed your Gmail account information, like your Gmail recovery phone number or recovery email
  • Someone deleted your Gmail account
  • You are not able to login for another reason.

If you still have issue, you should try these tips for Gmail account recovery. If you try it multiple times, it won’t decrease your chances of recovering your Gmail account.

Tip: To make sure you’re using the right Gmail account, try recovering your user-name.

Step 2: Help secure your Gmail account

If you are able to sign in, follow these steps to help secure your Gmail account.

Find out if your Gmail account has been compromised

Important: If you notice any of these unfamiliar signs or similar ones, you should follow the steps to help secure your Gmail account.

Unfamiliar Google email activity & spam

  • You are not getting emails.
  • Your friends reporting that they got spam or unusual emails from your side.
  • Email messages that you didn’t send shows up in Sent email box.
  • Your user-name has been changed.
  • There are changes to your Google email settings that you don’t recognize.
  • There are labels, filters, or email forwarding rules you didn’t set up.

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