Prevent Spam By Using Limits For Sending And Receiving Mail (8OO) 674-2896

Gmail customer service number

To help prevent spam and keep Gmail accounts safe and secure, Google email limits the number of emails you can send or receive per day, and the number of users you can add as recipients.

Gmail customer service number
Gmail Customer Service Number (8OO) 674-2896

How to fix the spam problem

First, you should understand the reasons below to learn how to prevent seeing these emails in the future.

Note: If you use your Google email account through your work, school, or other organization, learn about Google email sending limits through work or school.

“You have reached a limit for sending email”

You may see this warning message if you send the email more than 500 recipients in a single email, or send more than 500 emails in a single day.

When you get this problem, you should be able to send emails again within 1 to 24 hours.

To prevent this problem from happening in the future again, try creating a Google Group of all your email user and sending the emails to that group’s email address.

“Emails you sent couldn’t be delivered”

You might see this problem if a large number of massages you send:

  • Can’t be delivered due to ¬†the recipient’s email address is invalid
  • Bounce from the recipient’s mail server.

You may be able to send mails again after 24 hours.

To prevent this problem from happening in the future, check your recipient’s’ email account before sending to make sure they’re up to date.

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