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Being a powerful service of Google, it offers the impeccable services to users. Users using it in a simple way of receiving and sending emails might not be aware of the upcoming changes which are specially done for them. These added features are really awesome plus will update the Gmail and customer can bring them to use at anytime. For any help, Gmail support is 24*7 there so that aid can be taken.

Has it ever happened that user sent a mail and due to a mistake a user wants to stop it and it really happens? We know that earlier users tried to take this action but it was not possible, however; here are some of the best ten Gmail Labs features to just leave your mouth open.

Go through these mind-blowing features offered by the Gmail:

  • Undo send: At times while sending an email, by mistake, we click on send or due to some mistake we need to make some changes but it never happened. Now, when a customer has sent an e-mail, if a user needs to stop it after that, just click on the undo button and the email will not be delivered.
  • Modify shortcuts: How about keeping the shortcuts of your own choice? Principally, customers try to use only shortcuts for quick work. So, now user can have their own shortcuts in Gmail Labs. This shortcut feature is available in Gmail Labs from where a user can have own shortcuts and enjoy working.
  • Show external service: Supposedly, if any of your contacts have sent user an image, map or document file, then through external service feature from Gmail Labs, users can view it. The map will directly be shown through Google map view and the location can easily be seen.
  • Auto Advance adjustment: Isn’t it annoying that whenever a customer delete an email, it directly takes to inbox and user again goes to delete some another one? For such reason, here is an option of Auto-Advance in Gmail Labs through which user can stay there for long after deleting mails.
  • Icon of an unread message: Is that user is covered with so many read and unread messages? For a better view, a user can change the settings through Gmail Lab and Gmail will pin those unread messages on the top for better view.
  • Send plus Archive: Earlier the email sent was not even saved in sent mails and user used to get a problem through it. In such case, now through a great option, a customer can simply keep the setting of send and archive which keeps a copy of sent email for further use.
  • Search for top: In Google when users type a single letter, numbers of things appear in front. Similarly, now from Gmail Labs customers can just simply enter the required thing on Gmail tab and it will bring all the related emails.
  • Reply to all: When user has to send a lot of emails or to reply, one or the other person can be skipped out. In such case, through Gmail Lab, a user can simply choose reply all through which all will get the reply at the same time without missing anyone.
  • Canned response: In order to type the same things again and again wastes the time and bring hassles. For that, a user can simply utilize canned response feature in Gmail lab and in one click he can send the same response again.
  • Quick Links: To access the quick details, messges or contact person at once, use option from Gmail Lab and after enabling it, you will see a box in the left side of Gmail where all the related links, images and details of the contact will be bookmarked with URL. So, it will be a great option to access quickly.


For any other assistance, a user can have contact Gmail customer service and our team will provide Gmail help to them.

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